Learn How to Build Your Ideal Divorce Settlement and Future Financial Security

“The Financially Smart Divorce” Guides You Step-by-Step Through the Financial Maze of Divorce From Preparation to Recovery

Learn How to Build Your Ideal Settlement and Future Financial Security

“The Financially Smart Divorce” Guides You Step-by-Step Through the Financial Maze of Divorce From Preparation to Recovery
The Finacially Smart Divorce
You’ll get the essential knowledge you need on child support, alimony, dividing property, taxes, handling complex assets and 18 other topics so you avoid mistakes, create an agreement right for you, and get the fresh start you deserve.
You’ll also learn how to:
  • Understand your family’s finances top-to-bottom
  • Create a powerful and focused negotiation game plan
  • Expertly evaluate and compare financial proposals
  • “Road test” your agreement before you sign
  • Rebuild your finances the right way
“The Financially Smart Divorce covers every essential financial aspect of divorce…and then some. It should be required reading.”
The Honorable Howard Lipsey
Former Family Court Judge & Legal Consultant
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“My hope is that it will give you a path to follow so you can build a financial settlement right for you, gain peace of mind, and get the fresh start you deserve.”
– J.A. Licciardello, Author
What You Will Learn
All things financial in divorce – from preparation to recovery, and everything in between.
divorce financial organization
Getting organized

Take a critical look at your finances, establish your vision and priorities, and form a negotiation strategy.

decide how to divorce
Deciding how to divorce

Financial considerations before you divorce. Mediation, litigation, or doing it yourself, and deciding which is right for you.

fair asset division in divorce
Dividing assets and debt

Learn what assets are subject to split, how to value them, and which are most important for your financial security. Know how to evaluate proposals and judge which are best for you long term.

family home divorce decisions
Keeping or selling the family home

The considerations, both financial and emotional, that go into making a decision right for you.

child and spousal support in divorce
Child support and alimony

Ways courts view child support and alimony in various states, and how they factor into your total settlement.

complex shared assets in divorce
Handling complex assets

How to manage business interests, executive compensation, and complex retirement plans in your settlement – and fatal mistakes to avoid.

evaluate your divorce agreement
Negotiation strategies

How to negotiate what is most important to you, and ways to build an agreement that is fair, equitable, and right for you and your family.

financial planning resources
Rebuild your financial life the right way

Implement your agreement efficiently and reorganize your finances top-to-bottom.

About the Author
CDFA Certified Divorce Financial Advisor
John A. Licciardello, CDFA

Mr. Licciardello has been practicing financial planning and helping solve financial issues for over 17 years. He has helped families and individuals achieve their financial goals by understanding their unique needs, building customized strategies, and putting their interests first.


He has had extensive training as a financial planner and additional credentials as a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) which gives him specialized knowledge in the field of divorce financial planning.  He also completed over 100 hours of formal training in mediation and collaborative divorce and has written numerous articles in the field of divorce finance.

John Licciardello holds a BS degree from the University of Maryland, and a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Connecticut. Prior to his financial services career he was a manager at IBM.

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