We are your divorce financial coach and analyst. We “crunch the numbers” and guide you to the best decisions as you mediate, litigate or do it yourself.

We work with both couples and individuals in two ways…

Just the Help You Need
targeted financial services

We work with you as your coach and consultant to help you navigate through financial issues that arise in any part of your divorce from preparation to negotiation, to implementation and recovery. We charge an hourly fee and sell no financial products.

If you are an individual mediating or going through a contested divorce we act as your personal financial analyst and coach getting you prepared, analyzing settlement proposals you are offered and helping you create those beneficial to you.

With couples we help you cooperatively build a settlement that meets the interests of each of you.

We put our expertise where you need it most so you can move through building your settlement quickly and with clarity. Whether it be to get financially organized, compare proposals for dividing assets, or to evaluate your final agreement before you sign, we provide the focused help you need.

targeted financial services
balanced financial advice
FreshStart ProgramComprehensive Guidance
balanced financial advice

The FreshStart ProgramTM is our advanced services package, providing you with a start to finish comprehensive program for managing your finances before, during, and after divorce.

The FreshStart ProgramTM is for people who want to make sure they create settlements that truly satisfy their unique needs, build the best settlement possible, and have a customized plan to rebuild their financial life. It is for people who value expert advice every step of the way through their divorce.

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