We Guide You From Start to Finish In Building Your Optimal Settlement

  • Prepare & Strategize

    Get a complete understanding of your finances, establish financial goals, and create a negotiation game plan

    • Organize your financial data to clearly see your financial needs
    • Define your financial goals based on your vision for your new life
    • Build a negotiation game plan that focuses on your financial priorities
  • Build & Refine

    Get the financial insights and expertise you need to craft a settlement agreement right for you

    • Evaluate how each proposal may affect your future net worth, cash flow, and savings using easy to understand reports
    • Define the most beneficial and fair asset divisions and income arrangement
    • Understand the future financial implications of your divorce financial agreement before it is signed
  • Recover & Grow

    Implement your settlement agreement and rebuild your financial life the right way

    • We dissect and monitor your agreement to make sure everything happens as it should
    • Together we develop strategies covering all aspects of personal finance so nothing important is missed

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