Professionals with the experience and credentials you need during your divorce.
Wentworth Divorce Consultants gives you access to specialized professionals who have the expertise needed to help you make sound decisions, clarify complex issues, and get the fresh start you deserve.
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J. Anthony Licciardello

Mediator and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

Wentworth Consulting

Area of Expertise: Mediation and Divorce Financial Analysis

J. Anthony Licciardello is the founder of Wentworth Divorce Consultants.

Anthony has over 130 hours of training in mediation and collaborative divorce, and is past president of the Financial Planning Association of Rhode Island. Over his 20 years as a financial professional he has had extensive training as a financial planner and additional credentials as a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA™), which gives him specialized knowledge in the field of divorce financial planning.

J. Anthony has written extensively about divorce finance and mediation. In addition to numerous articles he is the author of "The Financially Smart Divorce - 3 Steps to Your Ideal Settlement and Financial Security" now available on Amazon. He earned an undergraduate degree in finance from the University of Maryland, and a masters degree in business administration from University of Connecticut.

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William Lippincott

Regional Director and Divorce Consultant

Wentworth Divorce Consultants

Area of Expertise: Divorce Financial Planning, Divorce Recovery

William C. Lippincott is a Senior Advisor with Wentworth Divorce Consultants. Along with other affiliated financial specialists he helps individuals and couples navigate the financial maze of divorce so they can live the life they want.

Mr. Lippincott has been practicing financial planning and helping solve financial issues for over 11 years with Merrill Lynch, Ameriprise and John Hancock. He has helped families and individuals achieve their financial goals by understanding their unique needs, building customized strategies, and putting their interests first.

Prior to his work in financial planning, he held various management positions with GE and NSTAR (now Eversource) for 30 years.
Mr. Lippincott is a sought after motivational speaker to assist people looking for work and create workable life plans.

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David Isherwood

Parenting Specialist, Mediator and Licensed Mental Health Counselor

David Isherwood Counseling

Area of Expertise: Parenting Plans, Conflict Resolution, Holistic Counseling

David specializes in ensuring our mediations address completely the needs of parents and children. He leads the development of parenting plans and helps couples work through roadblocks to agreement. As a trained counselor he understands the emotional challenges of the divorce process and creates an environment where each party feels heard and decisions are arrived at respectfully and peacefully.

David also runs a divorce support group and separate counseling services for individuals and couples who are looking to move through divorce and into their new lives confidently and happily.