Guided Mediation Services

“A Smarter Way to Mediate”

J. Anthony Licciardello, Mediator and Divorce Financial Analyst

Unlike typical mediations we go beyond conflict resolution and use our expertise and analytical tools to show you potentially better ways to divide assets, address needs for income support, and solve financial issues.

And we work with you as your partners in building a parenting plan that is comprehensive and carefully designed.

The result: a respectful low cost divorce that gives you what is best for you and your family without going to court…no matter how complex.

Benefits of Guided Mediation:

  • A peaceful step-by-step process that fosters communication while making sure nothing is missed.
  • We show you creative ways to build your financial settlement that can maximize assets and income.
  • The expertise to help you deal with complicated financial issues
  • Through clear analyses you see the long term financial benefits of every settlement proposal so you can choose the best ones.
  • A parenting plan where everything is thought through and nothing is left out
  • Lower cost than going to court while making sure you do it right.

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