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Save time, money, and stress as you build your ideal settlement and avoid costly mistakes.
The Problem

50/50 divorce settlement

Many people spend too much time and money in court and mediation building settlements wrong for them.
50/50 divorce settlement
The Solution

divorce financial solutions

Use a divorce financial analyst to build an intelligently designed settlement quickly, logically, and with less hassle and cost.
divorce financial solutions
Who We Are
We are Certified Divorce Financial AnalystsTM helping you make smart financial decisions and build a fair, sensible and well-designed settlement. We work with you alone or with your spouse as you go through mediation, litigation, or a do-it-yourself divorce.
We work face-to-face with clients in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, and via Skype with people across the country.
Our main office is located at 65 Prospect Street in Barrington, Rhode Island.
Our Value
We help you:
  • -Evaluate your finances, define your priorities and create a divorce financial game plan
  • -Learn creative ways to divide assets and provide needed income that support your goals
  • -Stop guessing by showing you through clear and accurate analyses the financial benefits of each settlement option so you can choose the best one
  • -Remove roadblocks to agreement, solve complex issues and create a final settlement right for you
CDFA divorce financial planning review
“The people at Wentworth were great partners in my divorce. They showed me ways to split things up I never even thought of and made it easy to see which ones gave me the most benefit. In the end I knew I made the right choices for me and my family. Their planner was also really helpful. Thanks!”
– Paula D.
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